It’s here! Outfit Along 2016

Today is the official start of the Outfit Along hosted by Lauren of lladybird.com and Andi at untangling-knots.com! Funny thing though, I kinda forgot about it until I saw something on Ravelry yesterday… So, needless to say, I don’t have my outfit patterns picked yet! For some reason I thought it was only in July, […]


Finished Object :: Handspun Yarn

This week has seen me mostly working on my Kai tank, but I did take some breaks to work on spinning some yarn with my drop spindle. I bought it quite a while ago, and I did spin a small amount (and had tremendous beginner’s luck!), but I haven’t touched it in months. This was […]


Knit in Progress :: Kai Tank

Well, hello. It has been dreary around these parts for several days, and the forecast isn’t looking to get much better until next week. It’s only Wednesday, and I’m struggling to get my motivation on. We did just get some new dishes that are bright blue, so that’s helping to perk things up a bit, […]


Knit in Progress :: Scrappy Wool Diaper Cover

So, I’m a little late to the #wipwednesday party, but eh, better late than never. Yesterday was just a busy day. Mae is on school vacation this week, so she came with Chet and I to Co-op. Immediately following, we had lunch and went on a hike with my mom. Then off to the grocery […]


My Favorite Cleaning Products & A Giveaway!

I love a clean house, but the act of cleaning- not so much. However, finding the right cleaning products has made all the difference for me. I try to stay within the “green” cleaning mold, but there are a few items I use that are more of a “conventional” nature. I’ll start with the green. […]